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Build-Your-Own Adultitis First Aid Kit


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After years of research, our crack team of scientists, doctors, and circus clowns have developed and approved this unique and customizable version of the world-famous Adultitis First Aid Kit.

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For years, the world-famous Adultitis First Aid Kit has been used to treat countless cases of the dreaded disease, from low-level Stage 1 to Full-Blown Adultitis. And now, after years of research, our crack team of scientists, doctors, and circus clowns have developed and approved this unique and customizable version. You can pick the elements that best fit your individual circumstance, with the peace of mind that you can't choose wrong. Everything comes lovingly packaged in the world-famous red box, emblazoned with the original Adultitis First Aid Kit logo. Extensive tests have proven that every possible configuration is guaranteed to have an immediate and long-lasting effect on Adultitis levels of all degrees. Plus, each Kit can be trusted to treat individuals, families, and teams of varying size. The best news is that the only side effect is fun!

Here's an overview of the medicine and vitamins you can choose from:


These powerful elements are the cornerstone of any effective, long-lasting Adultitis treatment plan. We recommend choosing at least two for best results.

Cheap Family Fun
A 2-DVD set featuring 52 short, entertaining videos of Kim & Jason sharing some easy and inexpensive ideas for having big fun. Includes Pajama Run, Hide Pokey, Sticky Cup, and Silly Soap Opera!
Escape Plan
Jammed with 40 challenges and hundreds of ideas, this fun, activity-oriented book is designed to get you thinking and acting in more childlike ways while annihilating Adultitis.
Escape Adulthood
This entertaining and insightful book reveals the 8 secrets from childhood, and more importantly, how we can bring them back into our lives today to make life less stressful and more fun.
Just You Wait
A collection of raw, insightful, and humorous journal entries detailing the adventures in fighting Adultitis as first-time parents.
Once Upon a Time DVD
Your funny bone will be tickled and your heart touched by Jason's powerful 70-minute program about putting first things first in order to live a remarkable story.
There's An Adult In My Soup
A warm and witty look at life featuring short, bite-sized anecdotes from both Kim and Jason. It will lift your spirit and keep the adult out of your soup.


These little extras pack a mighty punch and help keep Adultitis at bay. Two or three is a good dosage, but feel free to add as many as you'd like!

Berry Happy Birthday Greeting Card Set
This nostalgic, colorful set of 16 Kim & Jason birthday cards comes with its own bag of gourmet Jelly Belly jelly beans.
Mixed Fruit Greeting Card Set
This nostalgic, colorful set of 16 assorted Kim & Jason greeting cards comes with its own bag of gourmet Jelly Belly jelly beans.
Escape Adulthood Buttons (Series 1)
A series of collectible buttons designed to allow you to show your inner child on the outside. The buttons in this series are Bee Optimistic, Naps Rule and Red Rover.
ABC Cookie Cutters
These hilariously adorable gingerbread men come with bite marks built right in! The "ABC" stands for Already Been Chewed!
Bean Boozled Jelly Beans
A box of tasty beans (like peach and popcorn) mixed in with awful beans (like moldy cheese and vomit), yet they all look identical. The only way to find out what flavor you picked is to eat them!
Bean Boozled Gift Box with Spinner
Same jelly beans as above, but packaged in a neat gift box that contains its own flavor spinner for even more fun!
Chat Pack
A compact case of 156 fun questions to spark conversations. Great for car trips, family gatherings, and meetings!
Chocolate Calculator
It's a calculator that looks like a chocolate bar. It even comes wrapped in a foil wrapper!
Crayola Crayons
A proven Adultitis-repellant, it's awfully hard to maintain a stressed-out demeanor with a crayon in your hand. The go-to tool for drawings, doodles, and to-do lists!
Food Coloring
A must-have staple for making your day more colorful. Great for green eggs and ham as well as ugly cookies!
Googly Eyes Stickers
Add character to the inanimate objects in your life. Perfect for serving as a regular reminder to not take yourself so seriously.
The smell alone brings back childhood memories. Still the gold standard for wanna be scupltors, and it keeps you busy during boring meetings!
The ideal object to use when playing "Hide Pokey," a game Kim & Jason have been playing for years and often share with their audiences.
Silly Putty
In 1968, Silly Putty was taken into lunar orbit by the Apollo 8 astronauts. It also makes a nice addition to any Adultitis First Aid Kit.
Filled with boundless personality, the classic Slinky can always be counted on to help you keep a bounce in your step.

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